1. Soldier
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A song about the unseen prices a soldier often pays while serving their country.

Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Drums - Sammy Ray
Electric Guitar, keyboards - Steve Huebler
Bass - Matt Vollmer


He hugs his kids and his wife
says I love you but I have to go
whether or not he'll come home this time
no one can know
but daddy knows too well
if he ever gets to come back home
that his 4 year old will be 5 now
and all that time is gone...

He's a soldier, gives his precious time
He's a soldier, lays down his very life
for you, for me,
and we dont really see
the price a soldier pays
behind the scenes

He tells his fiance this time
they're going over seas
so the wedding will have to wait
she begs him "don't go this time please"
but he knows all too well
with the way they've been fighting
if he ever gets to come back home
she wont be waiting....

When they come back home
and it's just not the same
then you spit in their face
when you stomp on their flag
and refuse to stand
after everything they gave

they joined when they turned 18
waited for this all their lives
5 generations of service
they know the sacrifice

their daddy didn't die at war
but he came home some other man
so even if they make it back home
theres no way to tell
if daddies nightmare never ended
coming home wont stop the hell